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Bluk SMS

Use of Mobile, cell phones is now days recognized as basic necessity. Use of the device has been higher even in comparison to use of desktop or laptop. Bulk sms facility has discovered another tool in the field of quick and effective mass media marketing.  Be it big business organizations who are interested in maintaining contacts with it stakeholders or a newly set up venture who wanted to promote its business, Bulk SMS facility is making its presence felt strongly on a daily basis for mass level marketing at a very insignificant cost.

DotUID under the brand name of Blue Diamond is a high quality SMS marketing service provider that can reinvent the SMS campaign for your enterprise. Bulk SMS facility should not be viewed as a promotional tool only, one may send many essential messages like alerts, tips, notifications, reminders,  referrals, season sale offers easily irrespective of the geographical area of the receiver. Infact the day will come when many important corporate communication will be send through SMS facility to its various stakeholders.

The Bulk SMS campaign at DotUID comprises of the following unique features to serve you effectively:-

  • Effective handling of errorless traffic and loads so as to ensure the guaranteed delivery of your SMS.
  • As per the regulation of various telecom authorities, sending free Bulk SMS is not permitted on the numbers that have opted for Do Not Disturb services. Our latest tech filters avoid such numbers in order to save form any legal complications.
  • SMS plugin facility with MS Excel also available that makes you capable of sending SMS right form your desktop.
  • Voice SMS (prerecorded) facility to some selective area

Industries like banking, insurance, health care and real estate benefits immensely form Bulk SMs facility. Any industry that updates its schemes or plans frequently has great relief through the introduction of Bulk SMS facility as a effective means of keeping constant touch with their valuable clients and other stakeholders.

Register now with DotUID to get high quality, uninterrupted service in the area of Bulk SMS. For more details you may visit our specialized section of online marketing at www.spideronlinemarketing.com