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Business Card Design

Gone are the days when Business cards used to be seen just a piece of paper. In present world where ones’ outlook and presentation is given much more importance, Business cards serves as a really powerful introductory tool in a professional, elite community.

In a Business world, a Business card is your first impression to your potential client. It can be very well said that the first impression is the last impression! For small businesses and new start ups, a Business Card is a very famous marketing weapon. People still expect you to use it because of its portability and mass affordability.

However, in this modern age, traditional Business cards cannot be successful in creating a long lasting impression on the mind of the person you exchanged your business card with. It has to be distinctive. We at DotUID keeps in mind the requirement of present age of being distinctive. For us it is not just visual appearance of a card that matters but the alphabets printed on it should also be worded well so as to leave a memorable impact on the concerned person. DotUID has got a solution for every kind and level of business.

Samples Of Business Card Designs:-

Some important features considered at Dot UID while designing a Business card are:-

  • Colour Theme that should go with the model of your business.
  • Introduction of the organization
  • Your Company Logo
  • Pictures of the product can also be used strategically by placing them in right position.
  • Picture Quality, print quality, size of a card.

Every Business card exchanged creates a value in some or other way for a business. A good Business card presented skillfully infuse great amount of confidence in its presenter for the formal discussion ahead.

Don’t wait to compare our Business card packages and establish a memorable impression on your potential client with a greater possibility of converting them into your regular client.

Creating relationship beyond life…