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Content Management System

Content Management System ( CMS)  is a web based application that enable and provide access to multiple users with different permission levels to manage (all or a section of) content, data or information of a website project, or internet / intranet application.

In this competitive edge one cannot sit and relax just by building a website for its business. The Content and data published on a website needs to be updated at regular intervals for a business to be effective online. One of the factors in the success of a website is the quality of the content displayed on its website and this is where the CMS development comes into the picture.

Where a small enterprise needs a basic content management system, a large enterprise needs something more robust, highly effective and flexible. The CMS has no definitive list and has vast range of adoptable features.

At Dot UID, an attitude of patient listening towards their client helps our expert team of php, asp.net and open source developers to know and better understand their CMS requirement and the result is the development of such a CMS that best meets the specific requirement of our client. Some of the prominent features of our CMS include the following website administration, control panel or website management functionalities:-

  • Content Specific update and review
  • Access to the addition, edition and deletion of the content.
  • Control User access with different level of functions.
  • Password protection of specific content so that only authorized and limited people can view it.
  • Ability to create new layouts and design of various templates according to different page requirement.
  • Create / edit/ publish Archive web pages.
  • Create/ edit/ publish Archive articles, press releases and blogs
  • Add/ Edit events into an event calendar.

Whether you need a simple web site or a full-featured, large-scale database driven system, we can offer you hi-end CMS development solutions and services, which are custom programmed and tailored to meet your specific needs. Please contact DotUID which is a part of Blue Diamond group now for your free Quote or a detailed proposal for your project.