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Email Marketing

Simply stated, Email marketing is the use of electronic mail (emails) for the purpose of introducing, advertising and advancement of your business organization. It is different from a regular mail in the sense that it exhibits a more professional writing that lends you directly into the customers’ inbox box then to spam.

This method of online marketing employs mainly the use of newsletters for building new database, manage your existing contacts, creating templates and to customize your mail for spam, junk and virus test.

Major benefit identified with email marketing is its wide reach, cost effectiveness and quick respond. Some other features that can be availed with email marketing campaign are:-

  • Detailed report on user interaction and compare report of various campaign.
  • Classify your data and create more segmented small list of customer on the basis of their interest
  • Time schedule your message
  • Import contact flexibly and with different formats.
  • Various sending gateways so as to ensure guaranteed delivery to inbox.

DotUID is enabled with the latest technology for performing email marketing campaign for your business. Our campaign is well able to track the complete details regarding the bulk mailing bifurcating the successful deliveries, particulars with name and contact no. of the person who have opened them or deleted them with complete reference of the section they were more focused on. Recognized as the quickest, affordable with high impact model of marketing, e mail marketing campaign has become a necessity for small businesses.

Contact our officials at the earliest to
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ii)         Better  and quick responses.

And become a part of go green environment campaign by engaging the services of online marketing. For more details you may visit our specialized section of online marketing at www.spideronlinemarketing.com

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