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latest e Marketing Trends


1. Content Marketing – Bigger Than Ever
Ways of putting links everywhere will be lost in 2014, and more focus will be given to win trust of consumer as well as search engines. Therefore, content marketing will grow bigger than ever. Websites with rich and informative content will be given more preference than others.

social2. Social Media Marketing – Jump into It:
When we talk about creating a good reputation amongst users, social media marketing becomes a necessity at first place. Year 2014 will give more credit to social media marketing. Particularly for businesses which are dealing in product industry, marketing on social media will become more beneficial.


3. Image Speaks a Thousand Words:
When it comes to online advertisement, an image speaks a thousand words. Not just the users, even search engines want to see ads full of images. Success of websites like Buzzfeed and Pinterest increases this trend.


4. Less Will be More
It has always remained an effective trend and it will continue in 2014. Beneficial will be to speak your thought in minimum words. Marketing less but marketing effective will be the key to success. Or at least remove the hyper-tone from your marketing campaign.

res 5. Be Mobile Friendly:
Internet is no more just the computers, it is totally mobile now. Responsive websites have already won the heart of search engines and now it is the time for mobile-friendly content to win the race.

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