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According to their market value and reputation, here is a list of top-10 international brands of the year 2014:


Apple: Apple Inc. tops our list of top-10 international brands for fifth consecutive year. The company has enjoyed a massive 28% boost in its brand value since last year.





Google: The search engine giant has maintained its second spot in the list of most valuable brands. The company has received 34% boost in brand value as compared to last year.





Coca-Cola: The world’s largest beverage company is also the biggest names amongst the beverages brands. With a slight increment of 2% from last year, the company stands at third seed in worlds’ most valuable brands.





IBM: With an increment of 4% in its brand value, the technology king is on the fourth place in the list of top-10 international brands.





microsoftMicrosoft: Similar to last year, Microsoft is still on the fifth place in the list of most valuable brands in 2014. The company has increased its brand value by 3% in last year.





GE: The diversified company has enjoyed an increment of 7% in its sales since last year and has retained the 6th spot in the list.





McDonalds: World’s largest restaurant chain is on the 7th spot of our “world’s most valuable brand names” list. The company has enjoyed a boost of 5% in its sales.





Samsung: The South Korean mobile manufacturer is consistently increasing its value and last year has been a huge success for them. With an increment of 20% in sales, Samsung is on 8th spot of our list.





Intel: Intel is the only name in our list which has lost its last year’s value. With a decrement of 5% in its sales, the company has slipped to 9th spot from last years’ 8th place.




Toyota: The Japanese car manufacturer has maintained its 10th spot with an increment of 17% in its sales since last year.

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