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Web application a very common terminology in IT industry has been found to be one of the most complex term for a layman.

Produced in simple terms, any website component that exhibits some functions for the user is qualified as a web application.

A web application is in little sense a  software that runs with the support of  a web browserin standard programming languages or a  combination of one or more languages ( for example JavaScript, CSS and HTML). Google search engine is a web application that allows users to search. In this sense, although not lal but most of the website contains web applications that are stored on a remote server but is displayed over the internet with the help of web browser acting as an interface.

Web applications started to be used widely due to the remote existence of web browsers and the convenience to use the browses for uninterrupted maintenance and updation of web applications without interfering the functioning of software.

Most common web applications that are widely used these days includes:-

a)    Webmails applications like gmail, yahoo mail, Hotmail etc
b)    Online retail stores such as snapdeal, amazon, flipkart and many others,
c)    Online auction stores like tradus, OLX etc
d)    Wikipedia, thesaurus  and many others
e)    word processors
f)     Online spreadsheet packages

With the introduction of web applications it has become even more easy to introduce a new device suchas smartphones and tablets as they come with inherent browsers inside them.



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