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How should my website look like?

This one question whenever put simply lands our user in an imaginary world of the visual design or appearance of what his/her website should look like.

The visual appearance of one’s website besides being one of the most important aspect also plays a very crucial role in marketing your company.The look of one’s website immediately impacts a visitor’s perception about the user and its business.

The important questions that should be considered before designing a website should answer the following:-

  • Who is your target audience and what appeals them in general considering your industry type.
  • What business image you wanted to portray to that audience like serious, classy, friendly, traditionaletc?
  • Whether it represents and matches our current branding including colour combination of logo etc., though this is not necessarily to be achieved?
  • Does it look realistic to our potential customers and is it too flashy?

While designing the look of a website we can always take inspiration from other website that what really appeals us e.g. the use of white space, the content or the flashers amongst other in those particular websites that impressed us.

In nutshell, a website of any company should be a clear indicative of:-

a)      USP, the Unique Selling Point of your business
b)       All the services your company offers
c)       All the contact details of your company
d)      Customer testimonials, clients list, case studies, awards and certifications.

Considering all above, ultimately “the website should relate to its customers”.

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